Incredible Garages in the World

If you’re used to thinking of the garage as a dark and bare place to store your car, it’s time to think again. For true lovers of engines and design, the garage comes out of the ordinary schemes and becomes a space that is perfectly integrated into the house, all dedicated to passions and, of course, to engines. More than just garages, they become innovative spaces, with exclusive design and attention to every detail. Challenging even to imagine. Here are the incredible garages that some motor enthusiasts have managed to create.

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Supercars in the living room

It’s certain that the more you love a car, the harder it is to part with it when you get home. To solve that problem, this Arizona garage features a special elevator that takes the supercars directly to the upper floors of the house. Placed behind special fireproof glass, the cars can then become part of the living room itself – a true design object to be kept within eyesight between the bar area, TV and pool table.


The car at the center of the project

Architect Holger Schube, on the other hand, was so passionate about his silver color Ferrari 512 BBi that in designing his home he chose architecture and design perfectly in line with the car, so as to make the supercar the true center of attention. Also in this case, a platform elevates the Ferrari from the garage up to the third floor, overlooking the Pacific, of course. The special touch of the project (as if it wasn’t special enough already) is the inclusion of a ramp that lifts up and slides the car out of the house without the need to turn on the engine inside the living spaces.


Garage in the Alps

If the aim is to integrate the car perfectly into its surroundings, then German architect Fabian Evers also deserves a mention. He designed the garage for a house in the Alps with a spectacular view for a private client. The Garage features a living room with a wall made entirely of glass, to combine the breathtaking view of the mountains with the equally breathtaking view of the Mercedes SLS_AMG GT. Colors and shapes are perfectly integrated with the line of the car, which thus seems to be designed as a decorative element that is an integral part of the house.


The Sky Garage in Singapore

If imagination has no boundaries, why not display your car in your living room even if you live in a skyscraper? In this Sky Garage you can admire your car directly from your armchair, even if you live on the fiftieth floor. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, modern or vintage Bentleys become part of the furniture thanks to sophisticated glass lifts that take them directly from the condominium garage to the floor, in special transparent rooms. The only flaw? Once you get to the apartment, it is impossible to access the cars that actually remain exposed in plain sight inside a shrine, like works of art. Aren’t they, after all?

“The idea of parking the car in the sky is linked to the concept of making the beloved car part of one’s daily life, even within the walls of one’s home. The car is transformed into a piece of furniture, which can be observed complacently as a work of art,” explains Calvin Sim Chen-Min, director of the Sky Garage project in Singapore.


Garage on a hill in Tokyo

Architect Kenji Yanagawa, on the other hand, found the solution for those living in Tokyo who have garage space problems: storing cars one on top of the other. Since the building is located on a hill, the platform allows the cars to be raised and lowered and brings the desired car to street level, ready to go. After all, even in small spaces it is possible to create an incredible and perfectly functional garage.


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