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Immersed in the nature that divides the southern coast from the French hinterland, in the middle of the countryside now incorporated into an area that has become residential, a renovation project of an old farmhouse dating back to 1910 is born, today transformed into a luxury garage with a DeBox project. .

In the past we had already talked about how the fashion of enhancing one’s passion for cars within one’s own home is taking hold: The passion for Supercars transforms garages into intimate relaxation areas. The desire to create a space within one’s home dedicated to one’s way of being, contemplating cars, motorcycles or bicycles, but above all giving free rein to one’s passions, is from here that Debox was born.

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The project develops in the nature that divides the southern coast from the French hinterland. In the middle of the countryside incorporated in a residential area, a renovation project is started. An old farmhouse from 1910 has been transformed into a luxury garage with a DeBox project.

Immersed in the nature that divides the southern coast from the French hinterland, in the middle of the countryside now incorporated into an area that has become residential, a renovation project of an old farmhouse dating back to 1910 is born, today transformed into a luxury garage with a DeBox project.

The greatest desire was to remain faithful to the year of construction with a careful renovation project. The modern details enhance the comparison with the antique. This is a project that confers originality and exclusivity to the house. The building is secondary to the villa, where you live most of the time. However, the desire was to make liveable a structure that is still an active part of the property. In addition to the method of recovery of the house it was necessary to understand the best solution for a structure that contained a collection of Porsches of the customer passionate about engines and perhaps a little jealous of his cars. So the project had a double level of difficulty, in fact the challenge was to respect the aesthetic and stylistic requirements for a useful and comfortable place.

That leads the owner of the villa to look for examples.The solution is possible with DeBox: the innovative project on luxury garages by AD Dal Pozzo. The Debox idea is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a service that redesigns spaces according to their passions and needs.The DeBox project in fact reinvents spaces in an eccentric and futuristic way. There is a relax area perfectly integrated into existing contexts, where the passion for motors is mixed inside the house.

When the request is defined, the design phase begins. This is when professionals of Debox are called upon to satisfay the expectations of different customers with experience, ability and talent. The project is precise. Nothing is random. All the individual elements are analyzed, starting with the macro areas and ending with the individual details.


The project starts from the study of the property. Initially the professionals consider the paths and they suggest how the surfaces can be distributed.The complexity of the details in fact is immediately visible. There is also the need to redesign the roads that give access to the different areas of the park.


Having framed and resolved the problem relating to the distribution of the path, the project focuses on the division of the available environments, indicating an exact function for each of these, restoring value to each individual environment.


The next step shows a division of the environments useful to the different activities.From this stage the garage is super personalized. Everything is already provided to meet the customer’s requirements. It is a structure able to express a technical character and enhance the mechanics.


All the equipment to complete the individual rooms of the garage are indicated in the project. All’interno vengono inseriti vari elementi quali un roller brake tester, carrelli portagomma e finanche un carrello elevatore per l’auto.Inside are inserted various elements: a roller brake tester, tire trolley and a lift car. To these objects are added all the structural apparatus that complete a high level workshop: safety devices, ventilation system, safety systems.


The list of details becomes more precise. Every single environment is defined. The client sees the project with descriptions in the maps and photos of the elements. There are no longer only the classic plans.


The goal of DeBox is to offer incredible solutions. The concept of garage has changed completely. The unlimited approach to custom design is aimed at those looking for a personalized service. The lifestyle is blended between craftsmanship and technology. In this project the client has chosen to live his passion. The owner of the house is completely immersed in the stereotype of the contemporary workshop. The garage becomes a world completely detached from the outside world, where to live in close contact with cars.


The reorganization project doesn’t end definition of the plan remitted, but it continues contemplating the reorganization of the whole architectural building.


The idea is to find a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. We are looking for a solution to enhance the panoramic views and spaces. The goal is to maintain the original volumes of the building, paying the utmost attention to the materials, selected in strict compliance with the urban planning regulations of the place.


The project ends with the plan of the apartment located on the second floor above the garage. Inside there are the divisions of the rooms. the project also outlines the individual pieces that will complete the furnishings.The DeBox project is an unprecedented service in an area never before served. There is a mix between technical articles and the world of design.


The idea presented to the client had a great success. At the moment all the details, that will complete the garage and the apartment on the upper floor, are being defined. In the end the textures, materials and color shades are being defined. Everything is planned down to the smallest detail.

Technology, style, passion, luxury and fun are the components that Debox uses. On these concepts DeBox proposes itself as an exclusive activity.

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